The Chicago Hit List

Readers and friends of The Infatuation often ask for one very specific request: they want to know about the city’s best new restaurants before we review them. We get it, it’s the age of instant information. But that wasn’t information we gave you, until now. We’re happy to present The Infatuation Hit List, a regularly updated guide to the new Chicago restaurants we think are worth your time.

On this list, you’ll find new places we’ve recently reviewed and places we’ve enjoyed and will likely have good things to say about in the future.

One thing you can always rely on: we’ll only put places on this list that we have genuinely vetted. That means every brand new opening doesn’t automatically make a restaurant worthy, nor does a team of ten publicists and an army of Instagrammers who insist it’s good. We don’t care if Oprah endorses it, we’ll only add it to the list if we think it’s actually a place you should spend your time and money in search of new favorite things.

It hasn’t been open long, but Bebu in Lincoln Park is already in the running for being one of our favorite pizza spots in the city. The thin crust is the right balance of crispy and chewy, and is the perfect vehicle for the many toppings on offer. There’s a mixture of creative pies (the littleneck clam is a stand out) and classics (one is actually named “Ode to Rubirosa” after the excellent NYC spot). Fortunately, you can order them half and half, so you don’t have to stress out about choosing which to get. Bebu is in an area of Lincoln Park that gets overlooked, but it’s definitely worth heading out there to shake up your pizza routine.

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