The best things we ate in 2018

Bloomberg’s globe-trotting food editor Kate Krader recently weighed in on 16 memorable restaurant dishes, running the gamut from just-caught king salmon in Alaska to exquisitely aged Irish beef in London. And while we were pleased to see Chicago’s Michelin-starred Elske represented, the dish Krader highlighted—cheese and crackers—which we’re sure are very good, seemed a little, well, underwhelming. She describes it as a “deceptively simple dish . . . the cheese is Wilde Weide, a two-year-old aged raw cow gouda with crystallized streaks. The jam is vanilla-infused tomato dolloped into a nest. And the crackers are made from a yeasted dough that’s doused in olive oil before baking, which gives them a superbly flaky, buttery texture, like a French pastry you didn’t know existed.” Sounds delicious, but surely there were other memorable dishes?

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