The Best Pizza in Chicago

Pizza is a dangerous topic in Chicago – chairs will fly through windows when people start giving opinions on deep dish vs. thin crust. And new styles have crept in, too, creating whole new types of pizza fights for us to have. But we fight because we care, and we care because pizza is a nearly perfect food that everyone likes. If you don’t like it, you should take a good, long look in the mirror. That, at least, we can all agree on.

Bebu is in the part of Lincoln Park that doesn’t have much “park” – unless you count all the parking lots. And sure, maybe it’s not the place to go for a pizza party (instead of checkered tablecloths and cute decorations, the main design element is sheet metal), but we’re perfectly OK with that, because the thin-crust pies here are amazing. There’s a mixture of creative pies (the littleneck clam is a stand out) and classics like a soppressata made more interesting with the addition of Calabrian chili honey. Luckily you can order pizzas half and half, so you won’t have to stress about what to get.

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