best pizza in chicago

The best pizza in Chicago

Chicago’s deep-dish pizza is legendary, but we have to break it to you: To get the best pizza in Chicago, you have to get out of River North. Otherwise, you’ll miss out on the remarkable, cheese-laden specimens at Pequod’s in Lincoln Park. Since as many people love deep-dish as love to hate it, we’re happy to inform you that Chicago is home to many other pizza styles, from New Haven (Piece) to Neapolitan (Spacca Napoli) to Neapolitan-ish (Reno)—and trying them all is a rite of passge that should top your list bucket list of things to do in Chicago. For a real taste of the city, head south to the stalwart Vito & Nick’s, which has been slinging cracker-thin pies since 1949. Here are our picks for the very best pizza in Chicago.

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