Best Italian Dishes

From old-school pasta palaces to modern takes, from beloved Italian-American to authentic regional cooking, Food & Dining is on the hunt for Chicago’s best Italian food. We’re spending 31 days eating at restaurants big and small, across the city and suburbs, to bring you outstanding antipasti, pasta, pizza, entrees, wine, gelato, pastry and more. Check back every day in October for a new dish to put on your eating wish list.

We could have stuffed this entire list with Chicago’s best pizzas, but since we already spent a whole month doing that last year, we wanted to spread the love around. Since Pizzeria Bebu wasn’t open then, I’m compelled to include it here, because it’s serving one of the most unique thin-crust pies in town. The crust looks precariously thin in the middle, like it could topple at any moment, yet it remains crispy throughout. Around the edges, the dough puffs up dramatically, showcasing a beautiful hole structure that any artisanal loaf of bread would be happy to sport, and the toppings are thoughtful and balanced, from the sausage and broccoli pie ($18) with dollops of ricotta to the spicy soppressata pizza ($21) drizzled with Calabrian honey.

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