11 Hottest Pizza Joints in Chicago

Pizza is a highly controversial topic in Chicago; everyone from Jon Stewart to Anthony Bourdain has weighed in on the deep-dish vs. thin-crust debate. When considering the hottest pizza spots in Chicago, one truth became evident: deep-dish hasn’t made much of an impact recently. Rather, its more traditional cousin, the Neapolitan pizza, is the pie of choice when it comes to chefs and restaurants that are currently leaving a mark on the local pizza scene, rounded out by other new entries like Roman-style pizza cut with scissors and rectangular Detroit-style slices.

Pizzeria Bebu
Among the hottest new pizzerias in town, this Lincoln Park spot is slinging some seriously impressive thin-crust pies with a dizzying array of toppings. This is one of the rare craft pizzerias that allow diners to do half-and-half toppings, enabling even small parties to sample a wider assortment. The space itself is slick and modern, with a row of tables lined up along the windows of the rectangular dining room.

Must-order: Get the best of both worlds with a pizza that’s half classic (like the margherita) and half modern (like the Ode to Rubirosa with vodka sauce, tomato, nutless pesto and mozzarella).

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